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Shoshone Book Club

Welcome, avid reader to the reading catalogue of the Friends of Shahone Book Club & Lending Library. Every title listed here is available thanks to Red Panda Press and Wyoming National Park Service.

Before browsing, be sure to play the game!

The book lists below contain location names which may be spoilers. The map doesn’t list location names, but may spoil hidden surprises and plot points.

Note that titles marked as “pending” will not appear in their respective locations until later in the story.


Book Map

Book Map

The Accidental Savior


November 21, 1963. John Russell knows that the President’s life hangs in the balance… but who would believe him?

“Not just another James Bond!” T. Wakes, Mummy “A high-class political thriller”

  • Nicholas Wolfe, Removed

The Birds of Wyoming

Featuring every species statewide with more than 300 illustrations , photographs and maps

George Sinclair, the godfather of amateur ornithology, brings you this stunningly curated guide to the birds of Wyoming. For over forty years, Sinclair has traversed the continent, state by state, crafting the definitive guides that birdwatchers trust and this edition is no different.

There, cruising the Windriver treeline; is that a Cooper’s Hawk or a Sharp Skinned Hawk? Look, scuttling across a high prarie two-track; is that a Sage Grouse or Ruffed Grouse? Thanks to George Sinclair’s immaculate descriptions and their accompanying photos and illustrations, these are questions you won’t have long.

Birders Responses to other George Sinclair guides:

The Birds of Northern California “George Sinclair is as indisposable as my binoculars.” - Frank Mileh, Us Forest Service

The Birds of New Jersey “Who takes the time to put together a definitive birding guide for New Jersey? George Sinclair, that’s who.” - Soren Sampson, Birder

The Birds of Oregon “George Sinclair’s descriptions drip off of the tongue. When I refer to one of his guides it’s like I hear the warmth of his voices just behind my


A burning romance amid a brutal tyranny, Glory is a story of liberty, bravery and inspiration. With over 20 million copies sold and with an American ruling class that only knows growth and expansion, there is no better time to pick up this modern classic.

In the year 1999 there are only a few farmers left, Marc Ruth and his wife Ramona are two of them. The rest of succumb to a collective arrangement with world governments in a time when collectives have run rampant. Nevertheless, by tilling and fertilizing his soul in a manner that only Ruth knows, his farm has remained independent, quietly producing the best vegetables left in the United States.

But when the President samples one of Ruth’s carrots, Ruth and his wife are quickly subsumed by his administration and brought far closer to great power than he could ever imagine. Ruth’s new status as the President’s farmer brings with it new challenges and he is ultimately separated from the love of his life. But it is only in these dark times does Marc realize what he was born to plant in the seeds of revolution. For his wife. For America. For Glory.

Jane Eyre

Lucien’s Gambit, Book XVI of the Chronicles of Krindle

The thrilling continuation of the bestselling series of novels that have gripped the world!

When we last joined our hero he had been separated from his allies by the evil Venomfang, whose blot to conquer all of the mortal realms is nearing fruition.

Can Lucien and Lux reunite the shards of truth to free Krindle from his entrapment?

The Patriots

It begins and ends deep in Red Russia, where they sent him to spy, where they urdged to him to kill, and where they learned that he wasn’t The Patriot they had hoped.

Sent to plant the poison pill of espionage inside the dinner of the communist bear, Ray Freidman would return to his government’s doorstep disgraced and disowned by his keepers. Forced back into civilian life as a comptroller, but with the intelligence and super-skills bestowed upon him by the United Stated government, Ray struggles to fade into obscurity. That is, until a janitor named Claudell Williams reveals that he too was there the night in Stalingrad – the night everything went wrong and the truth was made clear.

Can two men ever return to civilian life in possession of information that will destroy both themselves and a presidency? …Will the government even let them?

The Singular Mind


Have you considered the untapped power of your own mind? • Do you often ponder the unexplanable? • Do you find yourself seeing that which is not there? • Do you yeard to explore the labyrinth of your own psyche?

Join Jonas Allard, Ph.D.–renowned psychoanalyst and Rhodes Chair of Psychology at Loyola Marymount–as he explores the power of the solitary mind. This incisive but accessible treatise on the power of an isolated psyche unclogs the avenues of our day-to-day thoughts, helping us unlock the psychological potential burried deep within ourselves.

The Seattle Enterprise: “Readers will be enraptured by this powerful exploration of Dr. Allard’s hyper-vigilant methods of neuro-isolation.”

San Francisco Review of Books: “The quintessential road map of mental enlightenment. … Dr Allard is a wizard.”

Steven’s Room

Author: Howard Crothers Publisher: Hart RRP: $2.50 Last checked out to: Ned Goodwin?

Steven’s Room by Howard Cruthers

Art and Ainsley locke. They’re affectionate parents to the a sweet child, passionate lovers in an ideal marriage, and up-and-coming real estate agents making a name for themselves as Whistle Creek’s new power couple. And they’ve just bought their own dream home. Everything is perfect for the Locke family.

But when their son Steven is crushed in the backyard by an old oak tree, his empty bedroom becomes irresitibly alluring to the mourning parents. Fears, sorrows, dreams, fantasies, and more al emanate from Steven’s room.

But what if Steven were to return? And what if he wants his room back? And what if Steven wasn’t so sweet anymore…

Praise for Howard Cruthers “He’s perfected the fine art of terror.” - THE MIAMI DAY TRIBUNE

“Cruthers is a sorcerer… of human suffering… and suspense. …Can’t get enough.” - PHILADELPHIA REGISTER-CONSTITUTION

Wizards & Wyverns

ADVENTURER! Your days of searching in magazines and dusty books are over. The Player’s Handbook you hold in your hands contains all the Wizards & Wyverns spells, combat tables and character classes you need to make a name for yourself in the Sundered Lands of the Ur-Dark.

Be you a stout Dwarven Fighter or a willowy Elf Ranger, your quests rely on the knowledge you’ll find herein. And because this guide carries Phaedrus’ Seal of Quality, it has “guaranteed compatibility” with all Wizards & Wyverns Adventure Campaigns, Quest Modules and One-Shot Epics. Go beyond the Game– only with Phaedrus.

One Chance to Die (Crime By The Numbers)

The first book in Crime By The Numbers, from the author of the bestselling S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. spy series. One Chance to Die us the book that started it all.

Neal Black is South City’s most effective, but least known detective. A former SCPD officer, Neal is friend to few and ally to only one: justice.

South City is in trouble. A city deep in debt tumbles into turmoil when the Deputy Mayor is assassinated and South City PD fears the killer is one of their own. With any internal affairs investigation sure to put another target on someone’s back, they call upon the only person who can do the job. Neal Black.

In a high-stakes game of chicken, he is the only one willing to take the risks to stop the killer in his tracks and do what nobody else can: put South City in the Black.

Death Strikes at Two (Crime By The Numbers)

Experience Richard Sturgeon’s explosive follow-up to “One Chance to Die”

Twelve bodies. Zero leads. One man for the job.

When Neal Black is asked to investigate the bizarre murder of a local teen, he reluctantly accepts at the behest of a “friend.” A friend, that is, up until he discovers shocking evidence that the victim was just the latest in a string of unsolved murders that stretches back over the decade.

Now, time is running out. It’s only a matter of days until the killer strikes again and Neal Black is determined to make every second count.


Three Blind Rats (Crime By The Numbers)

When FBI informants need protection you call the police. When those informants wind up dead, you call Neal Black.

In a rain-soaked return to South City, Neal Black is hung out to dry as the only man who can piece an FBI case back together with danger lurking around every corner. Introducing Black’s arch-nemesis, the shadowy Don Karl, Three Blind Mice is Sturgeon at his best.

When Neal Black is stabbed in the back, who will be the one holding the carving knife? One thing’s for sure: it’s not the farmer’s wife.

The Fourth Estate (Crime By The Numbers)

Neal Black thought a trip to California would do him good. He’d soak up some sun, drive a convertible and maybe even enjoy a poolside drink with a tiny umbrella.

But in Richard Sturgeon’s fourth entry in the Neal Black series, California is nothing but a dream. An emergency landing after a murder int he first class kicks off a trans-American thriller that puts Neal Black off the South City streets and slams him head-first into a sordid web of politics and high-finance and all he finds is murder, deceit and betrayal.

The Fourth Estate is new territory for Sturgeon and it’s not to be missed.

Five Degrees North (Crime By The Numbers)

Neal Black has just exposed the largest underground gambling racket in the nation’s history. With the Mayor basking in the glory it’s only when consequences come knocking is Neal Black called on again. Neal Black is a lot of things: but a fall guy isn’t one of them.

Can Neal beat the odds when the most dangerous names in the mob have his number? And in the end, when a high-risk sting goes wrong it’s only a matter of time before the powers that be do what they always do…

…put it on all Black.

Six Feet Down Under (Crime By The Numbers)

Detective Neal Black told himself he’d never visit Australia but when a grizzly murder in South City leads all the way to Sydney, Black is determined to make the killer say g’day to justice.


“Neal Black makes Sam Spade look like Mickey Mouse,” – Bill Wednesday, The Columbus Parade

“We’re living in a golden age of crime fiction and Dick Sturgeon is King Midas,” – Alfred Wu, The Oakland Register

“Crime by the Number is as if Tolstory wrote the dime store novels of my youth. There may not be a better depicter of drama in our lifetime,”

Greta O’Houlihan, The Boston Times

7erminal 7 (Crime By The Numbers)

Now a major motion picture starring Anders Nelson as Neal Black

Thanksgiving. South City Airport is packed to the gills with travelers eager to ditch the dreary metropolis for the holiday.And a group of Soviet Terrorists has just ensured that nobody is going anywhere.

Only former South City copy turned world-class detective Neal Black can cut through the red-tape and give the hostages a fighting chance. While the FBI is ready to start Wold War III, Black knows the only person who could’ve orchestrated this act of terror – and it’s not Ivan.

Starring Michael Keaton with Kurt Russel as Don Karl, Terminal Seven comes to the big screen Summer of 1986!

Eight Rolled the Hard Way (Crime By The Numbers)

Neal Black has just exposed the largest underground gambling racket in the nation’s history. With the Mayor basking in the glory it’s only when consequences come knocking is Neal Black called on again. Neal Black is a lot of things: but a fall guy isn’t one of them.

Can Neal beat the odds when the most dangerous names in the mob have his number? And in the end, when a high-risk sting goes wrong it’s only a matter of time before the powers that be do what they always do: put it all on Black.


Nine Lives Lost (Crime By The Numbers)

Neal Black’s first day of retirement could’ve gone better. It began with Neal shot in the chest and left for dead.

Now, after decades of bringing hundreds of the nastiest elements of South City to justice, Neal is back on his feet with no leads and only a stray black cat that refuses to leave his apartment. Who would want Neal Black dead? A better question might be: who wouldn’t?

In Nine Lives Lost, Neal is at the service of the most endangered and murcurial client he’s ever had. Himself.

Ten to One (Crime By The Numbers)

The gripping finale to Crime By The Numbers

Ten names, all sure to be dead in forty-eight hours.

When a full-page ad is taken out in the South City Chronicle with the names of ten citizens, none connected, and three already dead, it’s clear to the city of 1.5 million what is going to happen to the last seven.

Closing out Richard Sturgeon’s decalogue of thrills, Neal Black has two more jobs to do: find the killer and save South City from itself. Making his task even harder is the final name printed in the paper: his own.

Ten to One is the climax that readers deserve and a fitting end to a fifteen years of Neal Black mystery.

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